Sustainable Solutions

We are committed to creating products that align with our sustainable platform. We constantly challenge ourselves to develop products that are renewable, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, like our new line of TerraFLEX™ packaging.

TerraFLEX HP™ was created to reduce costs and materials. The custom-made stand-up pouch features a die-cut handle with a recloseable zipper. Replacing rigid containers, TerraFLEX HP™ offers the same convenient features such as handles and zippers, but reduces costs and uses 50% less material to produce. It is formulated for superior toughness and burst strength and can be used for intense materials like nails and screws.

TerraFLEX RP™ is a fully recyclable stand up pouch. Compared to most plastic flexible packaging solutions, TerraFLEX RP™ is designed to offer superior performance despite being 100% polyethylene, allowing for greater recyclability. This sustainable solution still allows our customers to create a visually enticing product with our 10-color printing and the matte or high gloss finish. The clarity is similar to standard PET laminations, and we are even able to add an oxygen barrier without compromising the recyclability of the package.


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