Quality Management

At Star Packaging, excellence is our standard and we are committed to making your packaging solution the best it can be. We understand that consumers form their first impression of a product based on how it is packaged, which is why we strive to make packaging that is not only safe, but also visually enticing and convenient to compliment the brand’s integrity. That’s why we always go the extra mile.

Star Packaging operates under shift supervision and real-time quality audits, 24 hours a day, during package production. Our lab, meanwhile, provides material and component analysis and audits to ensure that everything is manufactured to your precise standards.

Our customers require traceability to raw materials, which is why every product we develop can be tracked back to our raw material lot codes for easy reference. You can easily find the critical trace information from the label applied to the core of each roll or corrugated case. We are committed to ensure that your packaging solution is 100% safe and up to our high standards, so our “Trace ID” records all operational components such as equipment, operators, dates and previous work in process rolls used for our assurance of your security.


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