Fresh Produce

Our goal is to make sure produce still looks and tastes fresh after the packaging process is complete. At Star Packaging we deal with a variety of fresh produce including apples, oranges, grapes, celery, potatoes, radishes, coleslaw, carrots and tomatoes, all of which require different packaging solutions to ensure they are at their best quality by the time a consumer makes consumer purchase decision.

Controlling the permeability of oxygen is paramount to our fresh produce packaging. We understand that plastic material has unique properties that determine the respiration rate and we are dedicated to making sure that our packaging enhances the product by providing the appropriate amount of airflow. For consumers to have a clear view of the produce in the store, we also offer film that does not fog and that maximizes clarity so the produce continues to look fresh and crisp on the shelf. Our seal technology is similarly equipped to lock in freshness and to help preserve the quality of the produce


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