Food & Beverage

Our line of packaging solutions for food and beverage applications enhances shelf appeal, maintains product quality and allows for a range of product stipulations. Package options range from barrier and non-barrier rollstock, open-bottom to open-top pouches, from wicketed to loose pack, and from resealable to one-time-use, helping consumer product goods companies address varied needs.

Food and beverage packaging needs to grab the consumer’s attention through eye-catching colors and high-end designs. Our graphic and printing capabilities help maximize a product’s shelf-impact, allowing brands to stand out in the store isle.

To retain moisture and flavor, food and beverage packaging must be sealed properly and seal quality is paramount to maintaining the flavor and integrity of the brand. Our technology is designed to keep the product fresh past the expiration date in order to maximize shelf life. INNO-LOK® zipper solutions ensure package performance after it has been opened and maintain product quality for resealable packaging. For one time use packages, we have developed seal strengths that are strong enough to preserve the product but weak enough for consumers to easily access the product.

Each packaging solution is required to withstand different environments and requires unique barriers. For nuts and salted snacks, we have a high barrier laminate that retains their natural oils and keeps snacks tasting fresh. For frozen foods, we integrated a sealant film and lamination to prevent flex cracking, brittleness and brakeage. We also use metalizing blends in custom films so that the packaging is puncture-resistant and able to endure the rigors of harsh filling processes.


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