Our commitment to the environment extends beyond our product line. From facility maintenance to source reduction, we are dedicated to ensuring every facet of our operations positively impact the environment. The very nature of flexible packaging is geared towards reducing waste, with our packages requiring less material than traditional bottles or rigid containers.

We continuously monitor and lower our internal energy consumption by reducing our electric, gas and water usage. In 2010, we renovated our Tampa facility specifically with the environment in mind. We now use one tenth of the amount of natural gas that we previously consumed by replacing our oxidizer. We also proactively painted our roof white which naturally reflects the intense Florida sun and cuts costs on cooling operations.

By offering endless options for your packaging solution under one roof, we are able to impact the carbon-footprint created by outsourcing. We aim to help all of our customers make environmentally conscious decisions and have developed a range of packaging solutions that limit your costs and incorporate eco-friendly materials. 95% of our laminated products use solventless adhesives to reduce the amount of pollutants released.

We also recycle our film waste, corrugated and paper products, pallets, cores, end boards, polyethylene scraps, set-up rolls and overruns. Those materials that cannot be infinitely recycled are converted into resin based products such as fences, light posts and park benches. Using a distillation process, even our solvent is recovered and reused as an alternative fuel source.


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